Hex etui


Because I have a few new projects in the pipeline, I have again been tackling my UFOs so that I can start the new ones with a clear conscience.  This is a Hex Etui that I started about this time last year for a June birthday……….well it’s only a year late. I just hope that after waiting this long, it is well received!

Hex etui, a UFO that is finished at last!

Hex etui, a UFO that is finished at last!

hex etui 2

Hex etui, closed

These are very useful little sewing boxes and this is the fifth one that I have made.

I also promised to show you the lavender pouches that I have been making so here they are;

Lavender pouch

These were both made using a piece of lace made in the hoop of my embroidery machine, this was then stitched over a piece of satin and net. The net and satin were left open at the top, to enable filling with the lavender and this opening was hand stitched to close. I was pleased with the results and am now seriously thinking of selling some of my work on Etsy. This is a site for crafters who want to sell their products, I must do a little bit more research.

I am  teaching at college again, a couple of days a week.  The little group I have been working with, have a unit to complete, ‘Planning an Enterprise Activity’.  After much discussion they have decided to hold a coffee morning and to make and sell lavender bags. Last Friday I took two of my sewing machines in to college, along with two big bags of fabric, ribbon, sewing tools and, of course, lavender. Well, what a day we had, the students worked so well together, all having a go at cutting out, machining, pressing, filling the little bags and finishing off with ribbons. These youngsters all have diverse learning difficulties, from Downs syndrome and hearing impairment to heart problems requiring oxygen. They were able to manage each ‘job’ with varying degrees of success, but all were very happy with their achievements. This week they have been doing literacy, numeracy and ICT exams, (at entry level) so Friday is going to be another fun day, making their lavender bags and winding down to their mid term break. Watch this space and I will post some pictures of their creations.

Have a great bank holiday weekend, if you are crafting, I’d love to know what you are doing.

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Jenny xxx