Cobbie’s Corner news.

Well here we are again, already half way through May, were does the time ago!! Its been a busy few months both on the home front and in Cobbie’s corner. Before I go any further, a few new items to show you……

Coasters; £3 each, two for £5.50 or 4 for £10 +postage

These coasters can be personalised and made in fabric colours to suit your decor, they are made from 100% cotton with a heat resistant batting layered between, making them fully washable. Email me with names, base colours etc.

Also new in my shop is this lovely cushion, measuring 12″ x 12″, again in 100% cotton with a duck feather inner cushion pad. These can be made in pink or blue, and for an extra £1 can be personalised with a baby’s name. £12 each plus postage.

These have been proving very popular with four orders in the past few weeks. They are delivered cellophane wrapped and tied with co-ordinating ribbon.

Hand towels make lovely gifts, they can have all sort of designs embroidered on to them, this is a pair I recently did as a housewarming gift. They are also nice for engagements, weddings and a special gift for your young people leaving home to go to Uni in September.

I have lots of suitable designs so email me with your requirements and I will get back to you with design suggestions and a price.







I’m sorry it’s still not possible to order directly from my website but I really do hope to be able to offer this facility soon! In the meantime, email me at jen.cobbe@sky.com and I will get back to you very quickly. Alternatively, visit my Folksy page, the link is on the right of this page, or look me up on Facebook; Cobbie’s Corner


Birthday Celebrations

Away from sewing, I have been celebrating my 70th birthday recently and this went on for several weeks…….starting with my meeting David Essex at a book signing, just a few days before my birthday. Anyone who knows me well will know that he has been my idol since I was about 15!

This was followed by my having a tattoo done, this has been on my bucket list for ages………I now have the prettiest little angel sitting on my right shoulder! We then had a lovely family lunch for my birthday, sadly one of my sisters couldn’t be there as she had been taken ill two days before. There were still twenty five of us for lunch, including my lovely son and daughter-in-law who drove down from Cambridge to be with us. We enjoyed a beautiful birthday cake that my sister had made and Sue at Pipedreams had decorated, which was a lovely surprise as I’m usually the celebration cake maker in the family. Pat had organised this before she was taken ill.

A few days after my birthday OH and I flew off to Las Vegas for a weeks holiday. while we were out there I was able to cross one more thing off of the bucket list….I zip wired down Freemont Street……

As a friend quite rightly said, I’m growing old disgracefully!

The next part of my birthday celebrations was an amazing day at Cowarth Park Spa. This was a gift from my sisters and my niece and great niece.  A truly wonderful day of pampering, relaxation and good food! My niece and great niece joined me for the day and in the evening we met up with OH and had a lovely meal out to round the day off.

All in all I have had a pretty amazing couple of months, I am very lucky to have such an incredibly loving and supportive husband and family….I feel very blessed!

Well I’m signing off now as I’m in the middle of making a handbag out of a beautiful piece of Harris tweed (watch this space) and my sewing room is calling.

Enjoy the bank holiday next weekend, hope the sun shines for all of us.

Happy days!

Jenny xx











And here’s Bertie

Hello again, a very quick post tonight…….introducing Bertie, a friend for Beatrice.

He’s the same size as Beatrice bear. This one is versatile as any name may be embroidered where this one says ‘I love you’. It could also be made with the embroidery in shades of pink and finished with a bow instead of a collar. Having said that, Beatrice bear could also be personalised by have a name embroidered down the right arm, making either of these bears a lovely gift.

Hope you like Bertie……..

Jenny xx

Introducing Beatrice Bear

Well I finished her this afternoon and couldn’t wait to introduce her!

Meet Beatrice Bear.

Isn’t she just the prettiest bear you’ve ever seen? She stands about eleven inches tall and is made in the softest fleece I could find. Tomorrow I will start on a Bertie Bear to go with her, I could get seriously addicted to making these!

Here are some other views;

I will be selling these in my Folksy shop soon, but have to get my CE certificate sorted, this will show they are tested and safe for children, although I wouldn’t recommend these for children under three, due to the buttoned joints. Personally I think they would make a lovely gift for anyone who loves teddy bears, whatever their age.

Sorry this is such a short post, I’ll catch up with you all next week, and introduce you to Bertie.

Enjoy your weekend,

Jenny xx


A Few Little Bits and Pieces

Just a quick post to update you on my Folksy Store. I added a couple of nice gifts on there yesterday so pop over and have a look.

This is my absolute favourite so far!

This can be embroidered in blue or pink or, indeed, any colour you would  like. The Teddy is not for sale I’m afraid, its an adorable Steiff bear that OH bought for me when we were in Germany. I am, however, making a beautiful little embroidered teddy at the moment, not sure whether she’ll be for sale or not, a lot of work involved and I may just want to keep her……watch this space!


Lace hearts


These hearts are made by the freestanding lace method of machine embroidery, which means they are embroidered onto water soluble stabiliser which is then rinsed away to leave a firm lace that makes beautiful hanging decorations. The hearts shown here have a pocket on the front which is perfect to put a  gift of jewellery in. The larger one would also take a store gift card. Again, these can be made in all colours. I have said on my Folksy page, that they would be nice to put a bridesmaids gift in, so if you know anyone getting married this year, please show them these.

I have a few more bits to finish and these will go on the site early next week, another lovely cushion and some Easter bits and pieces.

On the craft front, I’m trying something new on Monday. I have signed up for a stained glass painting workshop, it’s only a taster session but I thought it would be something nice to try. I’ll let you know how I get on.

A quick question, have any of you out there bought an Amazon Echo? We have one and have just discovered that it has a sense of humour! I asked it ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ to which it replied ‘I think that’s the chicken’s business’ LOL. The programmer of the Echo must also be a Star treck fan, as we are in the Cobbe household, because when I asked the Echo to ‘Beam me up’ I was told the transporter was ready! There is a lot of silliness going on in our house at the moment……note to self….must grow up!!!

We had a flutter of snow in Maidenhead this morning, hope its not as cold where you are.

Till next time, stay warm.

Jenny xx


My Folksy Shop

Well my Folksy page is now live. The link is at the side of this post, please click and have a look.

The first items to be posted are this lovely cushion….

It would make a nice gift for  any fashion conscious woman!

Here is a close up of the embroidery;













Also on the site are an iPad case and a Kindle case, both made with quality fabric and padded for extra protection.

The kindle case would also make a nice make up bag, especially as it is washable!

Feel free to email me if you want  details of any of my makes.

If you haven’t already visited my Pinterest pages, do take a look. If you click on the page, My Craft Projects you will find a good selection of things I have made. Many of these can be repeated/personalised as special orders, so if you see something that interests you, let me know.

I will be adding more bits to my selling pages over the next few days so please re-visit the Folksy shop or Cobbie’s Corner.

Don’t forget to register your email address and subscribe to Cobbie’s Corner to receive updates automatically to your inbox.

Crafty hugs to you all,

Jenny xx






Retirement……..Part 2

Well, it’s happy days in the Cobbe household, my lovely OH has retired after thirty nine years of being a ‘Postie’. No more early starts and no more having to go to bed early……..we are now going to bed after the ten o’clock news, like real grown-ups! It is lovely to be able to plan days out, and even nicer, to be able to get up and go just when we feel like it. We have already had a lovely trip to Cambridge to see our son and daughter-in-law, on what was a beautiful sunny day. As some of you will know, I retired four years ago but went back to teaching for just two days a week, however, I am now going to give up my college work so I only have ten more teaching days before I too am fully retired. I have high hopes that this complete change of lifestyle is going to be wonderful for us, I am very lucky to be married to my best friend (corny as that may sound) and I just know life is going to be good to us.

Well, what else has been happening? On the sewing front, I made this little cushion for a colleague who has just moved house. Suzanne is very much a cat person so I thought the design was apt. I downloaded the machine embroidery design from www.urbanthreads.com which is one of my favourite machine embroidery sites.

check meowt On the home front, we are ‘camping’ with a makeshift kitchen set up in the snug/computer room….the builders are arriving tomorrow, to rip out the kitchen ready for a new one to be fitted. We have spent the last couple of days emptying cupboard a storing the contents in just about every other room in the house. The cooker was disconnected yesterday, so it was fish and chips last night and  takeaway tonight ….then for the next fortnight it’s salads and microwave meals! The kitchen is going to be lovely when it’s finished and if anybody  has any tips on how to treat/clean granite work surfaces, they will be much appreciated. kitchen 2kitchen 3

These are the designer’s computer impressions of the kitchen, the cabinet fronts are quite a bit lighter than shown here, more a champagne colour and the granite is a lovely rich coffee colour. Exciting times.

As the weather was so beautiful today, and to reward ourselves for two days of hard work, we decided to go for a walk in Windsor Great Park. The Valley Gardens were at their best, the azaleas and rhododendrons were glorious and we caught the tale end of the bluebells in the Punchbowl.  I had my camera with me so here are a few of the pictures that I took; P1000191P1000206azaelias I think you’ll agree, Mother Nature dressed in her best!

So, till next time, when hopefully, I will be able to show you photographs of the new kitchen, have fun and enjoy the lovely May sunshine.

Jenny xx

Back to Basics, Your Essential Guide to Make Do and Mend

I realise it is a long time since I have posted anything on my web site, and I can only apologise for ‘life’ getting in the way.

Well I’m back and raring to go….the main  reason for this is that I have been given the opportunity to write a review of a great new digital book that is on general sale,  from 21st April. This inspirational book has been collated and produced by Jen Gale who, in 2012-2013, had a year of Buying Nothing New, and writing a blog about the ups and downs of the year. I was an avid follower of the blog and full of admiration for Jen and her family. The book is called Back to Basics, Your Essential Guide To Make Do and Mend.

The book has contributions from the likes of Lauren Guthrie (my favourite contestant on the first series of The Great British Sewing Bee), Ginny Farquhar, Caoline Hannam, Becky Striepe and many other talented craft and upcycling people.

book cover

This very clever book leads you through many areas of recycling and up-cycling, from making your own cleaning products to mending punctures, re-using yarn from unpicked garments to painting furniture. One of my particular favourites is to save your used teabags to clean your windows with….I’ve tried it and it works! No more expensive window cleaning products for me.

A chapter that really drew my attention was chapter 14; UPCYCLE IT by Lynn Haughton, in which Lynn tells how the Boxing Day Tsunami was the inspiration for her venture into upcycling. It brings a lump to the throat, at the same time, making one realise how important recycling is.


My next project is to re-cover an antique chair that I have been given, so I am reading (and re-reading) notes from chapter 16; RE-COVER IT by Becky Striepe.

recovering chair

If you’ve ever wanted to have a go at recycling, then I would thoroughly recommend this digital book, it is  truly inspirational read, with many projects that are all explained in detail. it is difficult to choose what to do first!

To find out more about this terrific book go to Jen’s web site www.makedoandmend-able.co.uk  The book is excellent value at just £8.

Until next time, enjoy the sunshine and keep on making do and mending.

Jenny xx


Just a quick post….

Where has the past week gone? It’s flown by and it’s been one of those weeks where I don’t seem to have achieved very much. I have caught up with the mundane things, ironing, housework etc. I’ve also been tidying up in the spare bedroom as we intend to move in there in a couple of weeks while I decorate our bedroom. We’re going for  complete makeover, new carpet, curtains, furnishings, so a busy time ahead………watch this space.

I did complete one little sewing project; I had seen this delightful little Origami fabric pouch on a sewing forum and tried to work out how it was made.  I had cracked it while ironing a nice square napkin (it relieved the boredom of ironing for five minutes while I tried several ways of folding the napkin to achieve the  shape of the pouch LOL) however,  Dina, AKA Bossymamma, posted the instructions on her blog recently so I decided to have a go with some nice fabric. Here is my finished project;









This little pouch would be ideal for jewellery when travelling, or make-up, or a useful holder for sewing bits and bobs. It has five pockets in all, made by the way the fabric is folded. Dina’s tutorial was really easy to follow. Here is the link to the blog; www.bossymamma.blogspot.com

Well, that’s about it for now, take care and I know I’ve said it before but, if you see someone without a smile…give them one of yours.

Jenny xx





Too hot for chocolate?

I didn’t think I would ever utter the words ‘too hot for chocolate’, being a self confessed chocoholic, but when the weather changed bringing real summer heat, I must admit to saying this quite a few times in the first week of this glorious July. Why? I was teaching a class at Pipedreams on the 6th, the workshop was…….A chocolate cake, covered with ganache and chocolate cigarillos, topped with roses made from modelling chocolate. Well, we had three delightful ladies booked in for the day, all keen to learn how to work with chocolate. Frank had pre-cooked rich chocolate sponge cakes for us  and the first thing I did, was to dispel the fear of making ganache. This was always a laborious task as cream needed scalding, taking care not to boil it, then this is poured over good quality chocolate and stirred until the chocolate has melted. This seems fairly straight forward but if the cream is too hot, it isn’t possible to achieve a really good gloss on the ganache. Joy of joys, I experimented  with chocolate and cream a few days before the workshop, and produced beautiful ganache in the microwave! It was sooooo easy, and not a fluke as I repeated the process twice to make sure.

Well having demonstrated the making of ganache, using the microwave, we proceeded with the decorating of the cakes.  An hour into the class and already the temperature in the classroom was a bit on the warm side. The cakes were sliced and sandwiched together with the ganache frosting I had made the night before, then they were coated with the fresh, cooled ganache, giving a very rich, glossy finish. Once this was ‘tacky’ chocolate cigarillos were placed all round the edge…………I didn’t say this was a cake for the calorie conscious among you.

Having got this far, we started on our chocolate flowers, by this time we were all feeling the effects of the heat and handling modelling chocolate was not going to be easy.  The only way we could work successfully was to keep popping the flowers into the freezer every few minutes, to firm the chocolate up. My three lovely students all worked patiently and steadily, achieving some beautiful roses, rose leaves and cutter flowers, which, once finished, were ‘gilded’ with edible lustre dust. The flowers were placed on their cake and a ribbon tied around the cigarillos, producing a very pretty, if very fattening, chocolate cake.

My three lovely students and their finished cakes


My demonstration cake

At the end of the workshop, we had half an hour to spare so I showed the group an alternative top decoration for a chocolate cake. Using some of the cooled, whisked ganache, I roughly spread this over a cake board. Using pink marzipan, I then made some little pigs and placed these in the ‘mud’. It was a fun idea and one that children would love on a chocolate cake. Each of the ladies had time to make a couple of little pigs to take home.

Pigs in mud.


So struggling in the heat was worth the effort and perhaps it wasn’t too hot for chocolate after all!

I hope you are all enjoying the glorious weather. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Jenny xxxx


A Busy Month!

The last day of June already, where did this month go? It has been very busy, not least because I have been working a lot of hours back at the college (from which I retired 2 years ago) helping out in what is the busiest time in the academic calender. I have been internally verifying work to go off to awarding bodies and doing some teaching as well. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t enjoyed being in the thick of it again, I love to get with my colleagues and have a good old chat and a laugh, and our students are  (mostly) a lovely bunch. Friday was the last day of term and we had a social morning, playing games, dancing and eating cake. One of the students took me under his wing to show me how to dance Gangham Style, what a shambles that was LOL. The students finished at midday and six of us staff went off to a local garden centre for a very nice lunch.

One of the activities I did with the POPs group this month, was making lavender bags, as mentioned in my previous post. Here is a picture of their finished bags.

They were very proud of their work. As a group, they also organised a coffee morning, at which the bags were sold and they had a raffle. The money raised, £102.50, was donated to McMillan nurses via World War C. I’d love to show you some pictures of the students but unfortunately I cant do that because of student confidentiality. Suffice to say they are a very happy bunch and enjoyed their fundraising.

I’ve also been busy in the sewing room, having decided to make all of my ‘thank you’ gifts for the girls at work. here is a little sample of what I have been making.

tea rugJulia's bag


A close up of the embroidery on Julia’s bag


Denise's bag



I had  a great time making these and a few other gifts.

OH is on holiday for two weeks soon, we aren’t going away but plan to have some days out. We’ve booked a day trip to France, for a bit of retail therapy and a nice meal. We are also taking my lovely brother-in-law to Duxford Air museum on one of the days. The middle weekend we have a house guest………………

Our house guest for the weekend.

Our house guest for the weekend.

Jasper is coming to stay while my sister and brother-in-law go away for the weekend. We love having him to stay, we also look after my niece’s two dogs sometimes, both of which we love having too……….

Bob and Ted asleep on the sofa

Bob and Ted asleep on the sofa

Well, we are just about to book a holiday to the States, for September, so I’d better free up the computer!!!!

I hope you are all getting the wonderful weather we have had today, long may it last.

Until next time, thank you for reading my blog, stay safe,

Jenny xxxxx