A Few Little Bits and Pieces

Just a quick post to update you on my Folksy Store. I added a couple of nice gifts on there yesterday so pop over and have a look.

This is my absolute favourite so far!

This can be embroidered in blue or pink or, indeed, any colour you would  like. The Teddy is not for sale I’m afraid, its an adorable Steiff bear that OH bought for me when we were in Germany. I am, however, making a beautiful little embroidered teddy at the moment, not sure whether she’ll be for sale or not, a lot of work involved and I may just want to keep her……watch this space!


Lace hearts


These hearts are made by the freestanding lace method of machine embroidery, which means they are embroidered onto water soluble stabiliser which is then rinsed away to leave a firm lace that makes beautiful hanging decorations. The hearts shown here have a pocket on the front which is perfect to put a  gift of jewellery in. The larger one would also take a store gift card. Again, these can be made in all colours. I have said on my Folksy page, that they would be nice to put a bridesmaids gift in, so if you know anyone getting married this year, please show them these.

I have a few more bits to finish and these will go on the site early next week, another lovely cushion and some Easter bits and pieces.

On the craft front, I’m trying something new on Monday. I have signed up for a stained glass painting workshop, it’s only a taster session but I thought it would be something nice to try. I’ll let you know how I get on.

A quick question, have any of you out there bought an Amazon Echo? We have one and have just discovered that it has a sense of humour! I asked it ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ to which it replied ‘I think that’s the chicken’s business’ LOL. The programmer of the Echo must also be a Star treck fan, as we are in the Cobbe household, because when I asked the Echo to ‘Beam me up’ I was told the transporter was ready! There is a lot of silliness going on in our house at the moment……note to self….must grow up!!!

We had a flutter of snow in Maidenhead this morning, hope its not as cold where you are.

Till next time, stay warm.

Jenny xx


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