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And here’s Bertie

Hello again, a very quick post tonight…….introducing Bertie, a friend for Beatrice.

He’s the same size as Beatrice bear. This one is versatile as any name may be embroidered where this one says ‘I love you’. It could also be made with the embroidery in shades of pink and finished with a bow instead of a collar. Having said that, Beatrice bear could also be personalised by have a name embroidered down the right arm, making either of these bears a lovely gift.

Hope you like Bertie……..

Jenny xx

Introducing Beatrice Bear

Well I finished her this afternoon and couldn’t wait to introduce her!

Meet Beatrice Bear.

Isn’t she just the prettiest bear you’ve ever seen? She stands about eleven inches tall and is made in the softest fleece I could find. Tomorrow I will start on a Bertie Bear to go with her, I could get seriously addicted to making these!

Here are some other views;

I will be selling these in my Folksy shop soon, but have to get my CE certificate sorted, this will show they are tested and safe for children, although I wouldn’t recommend these for children under three, due to the buttoned joints. Personally I think they would make a lovely gift for anyone who loves teddy bears, whatever their age.

Sorry this is such a short post, I’ll catch up with you all next week, and introduce you to Bertie.

Enjoy your weekend,

Jenny xx


A Few Little Bits and Pieces

Just a quick post to update you on my Folksy Store. I added a couple of nice gifts on there yesterday so pop over and have a look.

This is my absolute favourite so far!

This can be embroidered in blue or pink or, indeed, any colour you would  like. The Teddy is not for sale I’m afraid, its an adorable Steiff bear that OH bought for me when we were in Germany. I am, however, making a beautiful little embroidered teddy at the moment, not sure whether she’ll be for sale or not, a lot of work involved and I may just want to keep her……watch this space!


Lace hearts


These hearts are made by the freestanding lace method of machine embroidery, which means they are embroidered onto water soluble stabiliser which is then rinsed away to leave a firm lace that makes beautiful hanging decorations. The hearts shown here have a pocket on the front which is perfect to put a  gift of jewellery in. The larger one would also take a store gift card. Again, these can be made in all colours. I have said on my Folksy page, that they would be nice to put a bridesmaids gift in, so if you know anyone getting married this year, please show them these.

I have a few more bits to finish and these will go on the site early next week, another lovely cushion and some Easter bits and pieces.

On the craft front, I’m trying something new on Monday. I have signed up for a stained glass painting workshop, it’s only a taster session but I thought it would be something nice to try. I’ll let you know how I get on.

A quick question, have any of you out there bought an Amazon Echo? We have one and have just discovered that it has a sense of humour! I asked it ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ to which it replied ‘I think that’s the chicken’s business’ LOL. The programmer of the Echo must also be a Star treck fan, as we are in the Cobbe household, because when I asked the Echo to ‘Beam me up’ I was told the transporter was ready! There is a lot of silliness going on in our house at the moment……note to self….must grow up!!!

We had a flutter of snow in Maidenhead this morning, hope its not as cold where you are.

Till next time, stay warm.

Jenny xx


What happened the snow?

Well we waited, and waited but it never came! I know, we were lucky, no snow to clear in the Maidenhead area but we should spare a thought for those who did get very bad weather last week, especially the poor souls who had all the floods up on the East coast. Its nearly seventy years since Windsor was flooded and many people in the town were evacuated from their houses. At the time my family lived in one of the roads that was badly effected. During this time I decided to make my appearance and my poor mum went into hospital knowing that she may well not be able to return home after having me. Going into labour is a worrying enough time without the added problem of your home being flooded. The fact is, we went from Old Windsor Hospital to stay with an aunt in Dedworth, while dad sorted out the family home, which, when the flood waters were at their highest, had water over the window sills. I can’t begin to imagine what it must have been like for mum and dad but my heart does go out to the folk in the North East as they struggle to get their homes back to normal.

As dad was off while mum was in hospital, he volunteered to man the punts that were going from house to house bringing necessities to people who were housebound. This photo cropped up a few years ago and shows my uncle Bill and, I think, my dad on one of the punts. Its not a very clear photo but I believe that’s my dad in the forefront of the snap. For those of you that know Windsor, this was taken in Goswell Road, which is where Ward Royal is now.

Anyway, although we weren’t snowbound, I did manage to shut myself in my little corner and get some more things made for my Folksy shop. Here is a little preview…

This is a cushion with ‘Love’ word art embroidered on.


Here is a book cushion for a little boy

This is a cushion with a lovely sentiment embroidered on, it would make a nice house warming gift.


Little hanging hearts for the romantics among you, ready for Valentine’s day

These are all available in my Folksy shop, click on the button alongside this post, for more info.

I’m hoping to get set up to sell directly from this web site soon so watch this space…..

In the mean time, stay warm,

Jenny xx

My Folksy Shop

Well my Folksy page is now live. The link is at the side of this post, please click and have a look.

The first items to be posted are this lovely cushion….

It would make a nice gift for  any fashion conscious woman!

Here is a close up of the embroidery;













Also on the site are an iPad case and a Kindle case, both made with quality fabric and padded for extra protection.

The kindle case would also make a nice make up bag, especially as it is washable!

Feel free to email me if you want  details of any of my makes.

If you haven’t already visited my Pinterest pages, do take a look. If you click on the page, My Craft Projects you will find a good selection of things I have made. Many of these can be repeated/personalised as special orders, so if you see something that interests you, let me know.

I will be adding more bits to my selling pages over the next few days so please re-visit the Folksy shop or Cobbie’s Corner.

Don’t forget to register your email address and subscribe to Cobbie’s Corner to receive updates automatically to your inbox.

Crafty hugs to you all,

Jenny xx






Hello 2017

Welcome to the new year and to Cobbie’s Corner. It has been far too long since I worked on my blog so my new years resolution is to blog much more often! I’ll try not to bore you all with my musings. I have to say, I’d left is so long since the last visit to my little corner that I couldn’t get into the site and had to enlist the help of Matt at Visual Mile to get back in.

I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, ours was magical and started early, on the 2nd of December when we went to the Christmas markets in Cologne. We were away for four days and, although everywhere was very crowded, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. The Christmas atmosphere in the markets was something we will remember for a long time to come.

On the Saturday before Christmas, we went to Cambridge to visit to our lovely son and daughter-in-law. We went out for nice lunch with them and exchanged presents before returning home. It was great to catch up and also to see the renovations that Colin has completed in their kitchen. He has done a brilliant job! I’m very proud of how he has become such a good homemaker.

Christmas day was spent with Boo and her family and, as always, the day was wonderful. We were thoroughly spoiled from start to finish, a beautiful Christmas lunch, lots of very nice presents, drinks and games in the evening, all with the great company. We played Pictionary in the evening and I have never laughed so much, I was literally crying with laughter, so much so my ribs ached! I really didn’t think a board game could be so much fun. They do say laughter is the best medicine.

On Boxing day OH and I went for a nice walk in Windsor Great park. We started at Saville Gardens and walked up to the polo ground before circling back around the obelisk pond. It was so nice to see lots of children with new bikes and scooters, all very excited to be out.

On new year’s day we went to visit my sister and brother-in-law who were celebrating their sixty second wedding anniversary. There was quite a little gathering of family there so it made for a very pleasant visit. Normally we would also be catching up with Kate as January 1st is her birthday, but we had to make do with ‘What’s App’ greetings as She and Paul are travelling in New Zealand, a belated honeymoon after their wedding in July.

So now we are into 2017………..what new year resolutions have you made?  It’s now January 2nd…….how many have you broken already?

One other resolution/ intention of mine, is to start selling some of my craft products and, to do that, I am going to join Folksy. For those of you who don’t know about Folksy, its an on line store selling individual and unique crafts. Unlike Etsy, Folksy only sells thing made in the UK. I’m hoping that everyone who keeps telling me that I need to sell my bits and pieces will support me in this venture, and share this with their friends (pretty please).

This is my label that Colin has designed for me, I’ve had them printed ready to go!!

I will put a link on here once I have my Folksy account sorted and, in the meantime, I wish you all a healthy, happy and peaceful new year.

Jenny xx