What’s in a name?

Did you have a childhood nickname? Do you still have a nickname? When I was at school, I was always called ‘Mousey’, not because I was timid or shy (no one could ever say that about me,), but because I was so small.  When I left school, my future F-I-L called me ‘Niffer’, the reason behind this was down to everyone else calling me Jen, to which he always added the the rest of my name, hence Niffer, This has stuck with one or two of the family to this day.  An old friend of ours called me ‘Titch’ back in the sixties and this again, is a name that has stayed with me, in fact, that’s the name I answer to in that particular circle of friends.

My darling OH called me by the affectionate name of ‘Cobbie’ when we were first married, That’s why Cobbie’s Corner seemed so appropriate for my blog.  Even my GP has a nickname for me, if ever I have need to visit his surgery, I am always greeted by ‘Hello little cobblers, what can I do for you today’ He has also been known to sing a rendition of ‘Jennifer Juniper’ whilst taking my blood pressure.

When my son was born, great debate was given to his name, especially to  the fact that we wanted something not easily shortened.  Colin was the chosen name, already nice and short, surely not able to be shortened? What do we all call him? Col, or CJ. I think his wife is the only person who calls him Colin.

My lovely niece, affectionately known as Boo by everyone, because her twin brother was unable to say Bridget when they first started talking, is in fact Bridget Jones. Yes, truly. This time last year Boo and I were preparing to go to Cyprus for Colin’s wedding. When we arrived and went to check in, as soon as Boo gave her name for the reservation, the young Cypriot looked at her in amazement and asked if she was THE Bridget Jones. He then told the other receptionist that he was dealing with someone famous. During our stay,  every time we went near the reception area, we were greeted by ‘hello Bridget  Jones, how are you today?’ It was another little thing that made our holiday so memorable.


Boo and myself with the hotel receptionist.

 Place names are another thing that fascinate me. My dad was born in a little Irish village called Newtown Mount Kennedy, I swear it takes longer to say than it would have taken to drive through the village when he was a lad. Dun Loghaire is another of the places I like in Ireland, the spelling of which belies the pronunciation, which is  Dunleary.

One of my ‘cyber friends’ from the sewing forum, has just had a life changing holiday in Australia, meeting family that she didn’t know existed three months ago. It’s a wonderful heartwarming story and it’s on her blog, Bossy Mama. My reason for telling you this is because Dina has been blogging about the trip and it really makes for lovely reading, but also, in one of the most recent blogs, Dina has told of a place she visited called Cobbity. I instantly fell in love with the place, purely because of the name, I would love to be a Cobbe from Cobbity!

So what is in a name? I like to think that all of my names have been given to me with affection over the years, I’m sure there may be one or two that aren’t so, but the important people in our lives refer to us with their own pet names and I, for one, love all of them.

Until next time,

Bye from Mousey, Niffer, Titch, Cobbie and, of course, Jenny xxxxxxx

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