The Great British Sewing Bee

I wonder how many of you, like me,  are hooked on this BBC sewing programme. I have so enjoyed the first two in the series and I’m looking forward to the next two. I think it’s a shame that the BBC have only seen fit to give us four programmes in the series but, as the viewing figures have been good, hopefully they will make a second series which will be longer. The contestants have all been very good and, as much as I love sewing, I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like working under such pressure. My initial favourite was Tilly, she had such great ideas and creativity. I was disappointed that she went out in the second round. The remaining four contestants have all got their own individual style, it will be very interesting to see which two are eliminated tomorrow. If you are following the programme, do have a look at Tilly’s blog

Tilly’s enthusiasm for sewing and encouraging others to sew, comes across on every page of her blog. Tilly has also designed two pattens, both of which can be downloaded from her site. I downloaded the skirt patten and made it for myself over the weekend.

Miette skirt designed by Tilly


Encouraged by the GBSB, I made the skirt in the way I was taught to sew when I was at school, taking measurements first,  making sure the patten pieces were going to fit correctly, steam pressing as I worked, sewing the seams with a French seam etc. and the results were quite pleasing.  I’m now going to download the blouse patten from Tilly’s site, so watch this space.

My other little foray into dressmaking recently, was to make an edge to edge jacket in some of the batik that I brought back from my holiday. It’s an unlined jacket and I thought it would be useful in the long hot summer that we are going to get (positive thinking now!). It will go well over T Shirts and jeans and be very easy to wear.

Edge to edge jacket

Thank you for reading my blog, it would be lovely to know if you are also following the Sewing Bee.

Till next time, a stitch in time…………….

Jenny xxx


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