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Thank you!

This week we had two lovely thank you cards form nieces and their offsprings. I have to say, I think it is one of the nicest things, to get a thank you, especially from the younger generation (OMG am I really getting old?!!). I’ve also had texts, phone calls and ‘facebook’ messages with Christmas thank yous, all of which have been really appreciated. People complain about the youngsters and their lack of respect but, I have to say, it has been my good fortune to find this is rarely the case. The two nieces who took time to write to me this week, are both young mums of little ones and, like a lot of their peers, both work to help with the family income. Their children will grow up knowing that to say thank you costs nothing but is always appreciated, and they will be all the nicer for it.

Well, in answer to my own question, yes, it’s official, I am getting old! Last week OH took me to Westfield for some retail therapy, we got on a very packed tube train and nice man, about 30-ish, got up and gave me his seat!!! Can you believe that………there were quite a few other women standing but he obviously thought this little old lady needed a seat.  I have never had this happen before but have always thought it nice to see, when a gentleman gives up his seat to an elderly or pregnant lady, I’ m certainly well beyond the second category but on a bright note, perhaps this is a courtesy I will get used to in future.

It was our first visit to Westfield and it is certainly a lovely shopping centre, especially if you are into designer goods. The best part of the day for me however, was not Westfield. Just around the corner we discovered Goldhawk Road and Shepherds Bush Market.  Every other shop on the road was a fabric shop, and lots more fabric stalls in the market. I was in a state of euphoria, like an excited child in a sweet store. I bought all of my fabric for my Quilt Along (see previous post) and the prices were amazing, 100% cottons at under £2 per metre. I will certainly go back again.

On the subject of fabric, I’ve been playing with the new machine this week and made this cushion;


Frilled cushion.

The fabric is a cotton print that I bought in John Lewis’ sale.

At Craft Club on Monday we were making squares of ‘log cabin’ patchwork and Helen and Mary showed us how to make a door stop from two of these squares. I fininshed the patchwork at home and turned it into this funky chicken doorstop. He is filled with rice to give the weight.

Funky chicken

Funky chicken

He’s quite fun isn’t he?

Thanks for reading my blog, do feel free to leave a comment, it’s always nice to hear from you.

The weather forcast isn’t very good for the next few days so keep warm and stay safe.

Jenny xxx


Happy New Year!

Well 2012 was a year of ups and downs. Lots of lovely celebrations, three family weddings, our sons (twice, in Cyprus and Cambridge), our niece Traceys and our nephew Mikes, we celebrated the 30th birthday of our lovely niece Tiffany, we welcomed a new baby in to the family, Kai. Two of the teenagers in the family went off to uni, Nathalie went to Portsmouth and Jack went to the Hague, both have settled well and are enjoying their courses. Tobie continues to do well in his music degree course at Cardiff.

The hi-light of the year for me was going to Colin and Allyson’s wedding in Cyprus. I had a wonderful week out there in the company of my darling niece, Boo. We had a fantastic time and I am so grateful that Boo talked me into going, Thank you Hun, you are the best!

I also paid my first visit to Walsingham in May this year. It is a shrine to our Blessed Lady and a place where my dear mum went every year for as long as I can remember. I always promised myself I would go on a pilgrimage to this lovely little Norfolk village, once I retired. It was a lovely long weekend in the company of my sister and brother-in-law and several other members of their parish. I found the whole experience very peaceful, but also very uplifting. I have to say that I very much felt as though my mum was with me the whole time I was there.

On the down side, my darling OH was very poorly when his appendix burst, but has completely ‘mended’ now. My sister was also very poorly and in hospital for a spell in November, she too is now on the mend and for that we are very grateful. We tragically lost a cousin to a heart attack in the spring, He was due to celebrate his 50th birthday in May. Another cousin also passed away in the summer. RIP Fergal and John.

So now we welcome 2013, we have more celebrations planned, including my sister and brother-in-law’s diamond wedding anniversary, yes DIAMOND, that’s SIXTY YEARS!!! My other sister will be eighty this year, great cause for celebration I think you’ll agree.

We have re-booked our holiday to Las Vegas (the one that was cancelled in September) and that is fast approaching. OH has put several addresses of quilting/fabric shops into the sat nav, all within a reasonable distance of Las Vegas, I can’t wait to build up my fabric stash. An empty suitcase is a must!!

On the subject of quilting and fabric, I have signed up for a ‘Quilt along on line’. The information was posted on a sewing forum by Dina aka ‘Bossymamma’ and it is an online group led by a lovely lady, Alyssa from Pile O’ Fabric There will be monthly instructions for two  different quilt blocks and when finished they will be pieced together to make a queen sized quilt, hopefully by Christmas 2013.  I am very excited at the prospect of making a quilt as this is something I have been intendng to do for ages, this could be the ideal way of learning how to do it properly. Thanks for the info Dina. Now is a good time to start a quilt as I was once again thoroughly spoiled this Christmas,  OH gave me an Elna Quilters 6600  sewing machine. I know what you are thinking, ‘why on earth do I need another machine?’, the truth is I don’t, but this will compliment my other machines as it does ‘different’ things. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

OK, so thats my little, personal, review of 2012 and a little taste of what I am looking forward to in 2013. I wish you and all of your families a happy and healthy new year. I hope all your dreams come true and , if you are a crafter, baker and homemaker, I hope you have a year of successful projects.

Jenny xxx