Colin and Allyson’s wedding cake(s)

A quick post as I have been asked to show a photo of Allyson and Colin’s wedding cake here on my Blog.

I thought you would like to see the cake that I carried to Cyprus in my hand luggage as well as the more traditional cake that we took up to Cambridge for the reception on Saturday. It caused a little bit of a stir going through security at Stanstead because, as it went through the xray machine, the little couple sitting on the suitcase were clearly visable. A few of the security staff gathered at the machine to look at it and one young man came across to ask about it as I picked the bag up from the conveyer belt. They seemed to be fascinated by the sugar models. To make it easier to transport, I used silk  flowers on the small cake, these were the same as the flowers that Allyson and the bridesmaids carried. However, on the three tier cake I handmade the flowers in sugar, to match the flowers in the bouquets.

Hope you like them,

Jenny xxx

Traditional three tier cake




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