Friends and Family, how lucky am I?

This weekend saw a gathering of  family and friends at a reception to celebrate our son’s wedding, which had taken place in Cyprus in August. There were eleven of us lucky enough to enjoy the sunshine in Chatel Keouy, and the lovely poolside ceremony, conducted by a wonderful retired vicar from Devon, so it was great that so many more were able to enjoy the celebrations in Cambridge. Family members travelled from far and wide to be with us on Saturday and Colin and his lovely bride, Allyson, appreciated this. It was a very happy occasion with lots of laughter and a few tears (mostly down to the Father of the Bride’s lovely speech). We are delighted that Allyson’s family have happily embraced Colin into their fold, they obviously love him, just as we love Allyson. A bonus was that my darling OH had recovered sufficiently to be able to join in the celebrations, although I didn’t manage to get him on the dance floor, but those of you who know him will not be surprised as he doesn’t need an appendectomy to find an excuse not to dance LOL.

During the week leading up to the celebrations there was a hot line between home and Cambridge as all the arrangements were checked and double checked to make sure nothing was forgotten. Despite this busy time, I managed, on most evenings,  to make time to visit a sewing forum that I belong to, (SHORTCUTS TO SEWING  http;// It is a mine of information about all things sewing, but more than that, it is a place where like minded people can chat and friendships are made. The lovely folk on this forum have been so kind with words of comfort and support when OH was in hospital and sent good wishes when I went to Cyprus for Colin and Allyson’s wedding. We all share our various craft projects on the forum and this inspires others to have a go. There is one member in particular who is an inspiration to so many of us, as her work is beautiful but she is always quick to encourage all of us in our efforts. Her machine embroidery is delightful and it was seeing some freestanding lace that Mabel had done, that made me think I could have a go at making some little lace bowls for the wedding favours to go in.

Lace bowl with personalised packets of Love Heart sweets










I had mentioned our wedding celebrations on the forum, and on Saturday morning a little package arrived from Mabel. Inside was the the most beautiful lace wedding angel, complete with ribbons and wedding charms, all sewn by this wonderful lady. I have never met Mabel face to face, but feel that through our mutual love of crafts, and the wonders of the Internet, I have a found a real friend. As I said before…….family and friends, how lucky am I?

My wedding angel, a gift from a friend.





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