Baking and Bunting

Well it’s been a funny week, not least because we should still have been on holiday but also because my darling man came out of hospital last weekend and will be off work for a few weeks yet. This seems ‘funny’ as he usually works a six day week so having him home 24-7 is most odd. Having said that, with one week down, we are still the best of friends! This is probably as much to do with him being such a good patient as my enjoying giving him plenty of TLC and having an excuse to cook lots of nice food for him (he lost his appetite and a lot of weight during his stay in hospital). I have filled the house with the smell of fresh baked bread and his favourite cakes, this was my way of encouraging him to start eating again and this ploy has started to work in the last few days. Bless him, he is beginning to look more like his old self again, although he does get very tired, but I realise it is very early days. We are still filling in forms galore to claim our holiday insurance and once that is all settled we will look to book again. So lots to look forward to.

Apple and almond cake made for OH











I’ve spent some time in my sewing room this week as well. I had a play with a new toy that OH bought me a few months ago. It is called a Slice Fabrique and is a lovely piece of technology that cuts fabric shapes out using designs that are on an SD card. It allows you to cut very intricate designs as well some good basic shapes to use in quilting, applique or embellishing all sorts of fabric items. I decided to make some bunting to hang in *Tiny Tots playroom. I had some lovely, bright coloured fabric that will hang beautifully. When OH’s is well enough, we will be going up to Cambridge so will get to see the bunting in situe.

*Chidcare in Cambridge

Tiny Tots bunting.

Until my next blog, remember, if you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!

Jenny xx

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