Pittas and party cake.

Well, a busy day today, but very enjoyable one.

I decided have making own pitta breads today. OH and I both love pittas filled with salad found nice recipe in one of my bread machine cookery books. I have tell you, these easiest have ever made, with help of my Panasonic. The ingredients are store cupboard staples didn’t have pop out extra bits and pieces (have known make as many as three separate visits to little local supermarket for items trying new recipes!)

Once the ingredients were in bread machine had to turn it ‘pizza dough’ setting, press the start button and leave it own devices to knead away and, after 45 minutes, was springiest, smooth dough waiting for me to knock back and shape into pittas. Once this done, left them to prove for ten minutes before putting them into hot oven for five minutes. Result? Not bad pittas, will definately make them again.

My first attempt at pitta, thnk they could have been a little more coloured!

While the kneading and proving was going on, I made a start on my great-niece’s birthday cake. Tiffany will be celebrating her 30th. birthday with an Oscar themed party next week. I had already made a nice rich fruit cake so today the marzipan went on, ready to be iced on Friday. Very pleased that I was able to get some chocolate moulds for an Oscar statue, from an ebay site. There are now a dozen sugar Oscars drying on my dining room table. My plan is to paint these with edible gold liquid and have them standing around the outside edge of the cake. Hoping to get some gold chord from Sew Crafty, to drape between the statues. I have also made clapperboard from mexican paste and, once dry, I will decide to write it something along the lines of Breakfast at Tiffany’s maybe? I’ll post picture on here once is finished.

Couldn’t get any further with the cake, as everything is drying stage, so took the bull by horns and tackled some ironing this afternoon. Those of you who know me well will have long since realised that least favourite chore! Oh well it does mean I can spend tomorrow at my sewing machine without feeling guilty!

Jenny xx

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